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Certified SP TOXI+Risk 5 users

Name and Surname Company Field № of Certificate Certification is valid until
Agapov Alexander Anatolyevich ZAO NTC PB А1 16.05.Р01.Р1.1 27.05.2022
А3 16.07.Р04.Р1.1 05.07.2022
А4 16.07.Р07.Р1.1 05.07.2022
Б1 16.07.Р10.Р1.1 05.07.2022
Б2 16.07.Р13.Р1.1 05.07.2022
Б3 16.07.Р16.Р1.1 05.07.2022
В1 16.07.Р19.Р1.1 05.07.2022
Bannikov Vladimir Valeryevich ZAO NTC PB А1 11.12.2020
Degtyarev Denis Vladislavovich ANO AIPR А1 20.03.2021
Degtyareva Yekaterina Alexandrovna АНО АИПР А1 21.06.2022
А3 11.12.2020
Б1 10.02.2020
Zaynetdinov Suleiman Khamisovich ZAO NTC PB А1 03.06.2022
А3 11.12.2020
Б1 21.06.2022
Zolotova Svetlana Valeryevna Scientific Production Association (NPP) "Polikhimservis" Ltd А1 16.12.2019
Kazikin Igor Vladimirovich Pubclic Corporation NIIK А1 14.10.2019
Kuznetsov Konstantin Mikhailovich Individual Entrepreneur Gasilov V.S. А1 10.02.2020
Lisanov Mikhail Vyacheslavovich ZAO NTC PB А1 16.05.Р02.Р2.1 27.05.2022
А3 16.07.Р05.Р2.1 05.07.2022
А4 16.07.Р08.Р2.1 05.07.2022
Б1 16.07.Р11.Р2.1 05.07.2022
Б2 16.07.Р14.Р2.1 05.07.2022
Б3 16.07.Р17.Р2.1 05.07.2022
В1 16.07.Р20.Р2.1 05.07.2022
Karabanov Alexander Fyodorovich ANO AIPR А1 19.04.2021
Lobanov Alexey Valeryevich ZAO AMT А1 14.10.2019
А4 10.02.2020
Luzanov Viktor Fyodorovich "NTC "TB" Ltd А1 10.02.2020
Nevskaya Yelena Yevgenyevna ANO AIPR А1 09.06.2022
А3 11.12.2020
Б1 10.02.2020
Prygunova Marina Nikolayevna Public Corporation NIIK А1 14.10.2019
Sverchkov Andrey Mikhailovich ZAO NTC PB А1 11.12.2020
Sofyin Anton Sergeyevich ZAO NTC PB А1 16.05.Р03.Р3.1 27.05.2022
А3 16.07.Р06.Р3.1 05.07.2022
А4 16.07.Р09.Р3.1 05.07.2022
Б1 16.07.Р12.Р3.1 05.07.2022
Б2 16.07.Р15.Р3.1 05.07.2022
Б3 16.07.Р18.Р3.1 05.07.2022
В1 16.07.Р21.Р3.1 05.07.2022
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Where to see the exam questions for the certification of the TOXI+Risk Software Package

You can see the exam questions divided into the certification fields on the page: « Certification fields/Области аттестации ». You can also download download the demo version of the computer test software used at the first stage of the certification exam.

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How to get certified for TOXI+Risk

TOXI+Risk user certification is carried out according to the established Regulation. The Regulation requires an application to be submitted in advance for certification in the respective field with the required set of documents, the invoice paid, and to be present on the specific day at our Educational Center for qualification tests (exam).

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What is a TOXI+Risk user certification?

Certification – a set of qualification tests designed to determine whether the user's practical and theoretical knowledge meets the required minimum for the proper use of the TOXI+Risk software package and to obtain the correct results of calculation in the specified subject.
Note that application of certified software and certified experts who can operate the software is frequently one of the requirements to tender documentation to perform calculation jobs.

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