Software for industrial safety


What is the TOXI software line?

The TOXI software product line includes the following software tools and software packages:

which can solve a wide range of industrial safety problems, evaluate consequences of accidents involving the discharge of hazardous substances from capacitive equipment and pipelines, calculate accident risk factors in hazardous production facilities and fire risk factors on HPF area and in production buildings, facilities, and structures.

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What does the TOXI+Meteo program do?

The purpose of TOXI+Meteo Software – is the prediction of the spread in the environment of hazardous factors of emergency situations associated with the release of toxic and / or explosive and flammable substances into the atmosphere.
TOXI+Meteo allows you to automatically or manually calculate the damage areas that occur during accidents with the dispersion of hazardous substances in the atmosphere, as well as assess the number of possible victims of the accident, taking into account data from a meteorological station or other data sources.

To learn more about the feature of the software tools, visit the page «TOXI+Meteo».

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Are the software tools of the TOXI line Russian domestic software packages?

Yes, both software packages TOXI+Risk 5 and TOXI+Fluid Hammer, as well as the other software of TOXI line are domestic Russian products, with a share of less than 10% external components used. The developer is a Russian company where Russian specialists and experts in the field of industrial safety are engaged in the R&D process.

Since 2016 the software packages TOXI+Risk and TOXI+Fluid Hammer are included into the Unified Registry of Russian Software for Electronic Computers and Databases of the Russian Ministry of Communications.

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What is the purpose of the of TOXI software line certification?

One of the criteria confirming quality of the software product is the certificate of conformity issued by an authority of software products within a certain field accredited in GOST R certification system.

The legislation of Russia provides voluntary certification of software tools (except for certain special cases – for instance, the software tools in the communication field or information security). For groups of software tools associated with fire risk calculation there is no compulsory certification established by the legislation, however, the requirement to apply only certified software for computations is established by the departmental, administrative, and ordering documents. This requirement is equivalent to the requirement of compulsory certification of the respective computational software (read more: A.A.Agapov, E.A.Agapova «Certification and verification of software tools » – Moscow, «Labor safety in industry» №4, 2015, P. 58-60).

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What are the differences between the 4th and 5th versions of TOXI+Risk?

Since February 2016, the current version of the TOXI+Risk software is the 5th version, named «TOXI+Risk 5».
The key differences between «TOXI+Risk 5» and the earlier versions are as follows:

  • Only SP «TOXI+Risk 5» has implemented the mathematical models, event trees, and methodological approaches to evaluating the consequences of accidents and calculating accident risk factors included in the FNP and safety guidelines approved by Rostechnadzor in 2016-2017;
  • In «TOXI+Risk 5» changes have been implemented to the Order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia № 382 (approved by the Order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia №632 of 02.12.2015).;
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How can I make suggestions to supplement the software with new tools, techniques, etc.?

You can send your suggestions and comments on operation of any software product of TOXI line via the form «Ask a question/Задать вопрос» on our website. All requests are automatically registered in our system and submitted for consideration. It is not possible to supplement the calculation modules library of SP «TOXI+Risk 5» independently.

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How to get free versions of "TOXI+Risk 5" and "TOXI+Fluid Hammer"?

The academic (educational) TOXI+Risk and TOXI+Fluid Hammer software packages have been specifically developed for universities and are available for free at the request of the university administration. Academic versions have a number of limitations compared to the commercial versions. You can receive more information about the distribution of the academic version by contacting the sales department by phone or email.

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Which software of TOXI series can I download and use for free?

On our website you can download and use the starter version for free. The Starter Version TOXI+Risk. The software is dedicated to calculating the time of blocking evacuation routes using the integrated analytical model and calculating individual fire risk in building spaces for production and non-production purposes.
The software «Starter version TOXI+Risk» is not a demo version of the software package TOXI+Risk.

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