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What is a TOXI+Risk user certification?

Certification – a set of qualification tests designed to determine whether the user's practical and theoretical knowledge meets the required minimum for the proper use of the TOXI+Risk software package and to obtain the correct results of calculation in the specified subject.
Note that application of certified software and certified experts who can operate the software is frequently one of the requirements to tender documentation to perform calculation jobs.

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How to get certified for TOXI+Risk

TOXI+Risk user certification is carried out according to the established Regulation. The Regulation requires an application to be submitted in advance for certification in the respective field with the required set of documents, the invoice paid, and to be present on the specific day at our Educational Center for qualification tests (exam).

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Where to see the exam questions for the certification of the TOXI+Risk Software Package

You can see the exam questions divided into the certification fields on the page: « Certification fields/Области аттестации ». You can also download download the demo version of the computer test software used at the first stage of the certification exam.

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