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No discharge center on the plan

The discharge center (when methodologies are selected explicitly) – is a yellow triangle located on the left below by default (coordinates 0,0). If it is not seen there, it is necessary to adjust the marker size with the cursor in the upper part of dashboard. The discharge center can overlap with other objects.
Do not be mistaken with the equipment location – the source of hazard – «star» symbol, that is used for batch selection of calculation methodologies for risk analysis. There is only one selection center, but there can be any number of units of equipment.

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How can the names of areal objects be displayed on the plan?

Select the tab Население и персонал / Residents and personnel, set the option Отображать названия / Show names, and update the area plan.

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Can the protocol template be changed in MS Word?

It is possible after editing the respective template file from the directory <Path to TOXI+Riskext catalogue>\ext.

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How to display the risk field?

Display the panel of the risk field legend, select the required field from the dropdown list, and use the display command. In case the list is empty, then matrices recalculation is advisable. Please be careful when selecting grid pitch size, because of the small size the time of calculation can be unreasonably increased, whereas the larger size of areal objects might be overlooked which would affect the risk factor values. It is recommended to set the grid pitch to approximately 1/3 the size of the size of the smallest areal object, or a segment of a linear object.

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How to change the substrate in a project?

The current version does not provide this option, however, if in the environment of the project file the current substrate file is replaced with a new one (corresponding permissions), then after saving/downloading the project it will be changed.
The project directory is located in the user temporarily folder (see the path – relative path %temp%\data), and then – the subdirectory with the latest date in the name. Substrate – is the file plan.jpg or plan.dwg

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Why the software sometimes reports that it is impossible to save a project?

To save the project correctly you will need the exclusive access to the database. The most common mistake is the attempt to save a project with a running calculation task or the Database Tool. Access to data storage may be also denied.

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Unable to set the routes in an evacuation scheme

It is advisable to set the routes automatically, but if a manual setting is required:

  1. Set the optimum marker size («Панель инструментов / Dashboard»)
  2. Subsequently, and as accurately as possible, select the traffic junctions from the entrance to the exit (in case the plan is moved use scrolling or minimap, because clicking the mouse will finish the route)
  3. Check (section «Маршруты движения / Traffic routes»)
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Unable to select methodologies in the context menu of the isolines legend

Probably, the calculation was performed in the earlier version of the software. The current version of TOXI+Risk supports selecting calculation methodologies from a context menu for ТВС/air-fuel mixtures, Пожар пролива/Pool fire, ТОКСИ/TOXI, Факел/Flare, Огненный Шар/Fire Ball

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Should the risk matrices be recalculated when a new linear object is added?

In case the linear object involves the application of a new model source, the calculation of potential risk matrices from point sources is required. Otherwise, it is sufficient to perform the calculation of linear objects potential risk matrices. See recommendations on grid pitch selection.

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How to update the software?

Software updates are available for free for the first year. Afterward, on the basis of a subscription service agreement (inquire at +7(495)-620-47-53).

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If at startup, the software notifies of missing files

Solution: add the absolute path to the TOXI+Risk 5 system directory the Windows PATH system variable (Control panel->System->System additional parameters->Environment variables) to the catalogue TOXI+Risk 5\system, or copy its content to the Windows\System32\.

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If an error message is shown during the upgrade, or if nothing happens

Solution: the update package is an executable file (distributed). Please make sure that download/launch of these files is allowed and not blocked by protection means: such files and they are not blocked by security measures: security policy, antivirus tools (in some cases, it is enough to disable it during the update) and try again. To install service packs, the user must have the necessary privileges, or have the appropriate «administrator rights».

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